Over a year ago I got on my soapbox about the digital noise I had created for myself. As I approach mid 2017 I have significantly have reduced the amount of the digital noise in my life. Work related digital noise will always be there and worth the time spent.

It’s not been easy (it’s just who I am), but worth the wild ride.  Once I got down to actually ‘consolidating, pairing-down and reducing my digital noise’ the realization of how far I let the get out hand was absurd!  

By stop running my own hosting services was just enough to eliminate giant portion the noise, but I did not stop there. Consolidating and reducing the other sources of the digital noise was also important to me. The next step was to determine what projects I wanted to continue.

Out of the ruffly 15 or so projects I was contributing and/or working on, it was decided to work on 4 of them, eliminating all the rest.

Let’s see if this works out. …. more to come….